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«KAZCHEM»is a trading company engaged in the sale of mineral fertilizers in the Republic of Kazakhstan and beyond. Since 2021, it has been the official Trading House of "Kazphosphate" LLC, the largest chemical plant in Central Asia for the production of phosphorus-containing mineral products. It is also the official distributor of "YARA", global manufacturer of environment-friendly water-soluble fertilizers.

"KAZCHEM" cooperates with many of the largest producers of mineral fertilizers in the CIS, such as: Uralchem, Phosagro, KuibyshevAzot, ShchekinoAzot, Cashemir Capital, Siberian Plant of Mineral Fertilizers (SZMU), Mikhailovsky Plant of Chemical Reagents (MZKhR), KAO Azot, NavoiAzot, and Buyskiy Chemical Plant.

The company's product range includes nitrogen, phosphorus, potash, and complex fertilizers for primary, pre-sowing, at-sowing, and foliar dressing. The quality of the claimed products makes it possible to provide agricultural producers with long-term and most effective nutrition for all cultivated crops of irrigated and rainfed agriculture.

Our activities
Sale of Kazakhstani fertilizers

KAZCHEM sells mineral fertilizers and feed phosphates of the largest Kazakhstani manufacturers, such products including Ammophos NP 10:46, Phosphorus-Potassium Fertilizers, Phosphogypsum, Orthophosphoric Acid, Carbamide-Ammonia Mixture, and Tricalcium Phosphate, which play a crucial role in efficient agriculture

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Supply of imported fertilizers

The company's products are available in warehouses in all major agro-industrial regions of Kazakhstan. For the convenience of buyers, the goods are shipped all year round. In addition, in order to save customers time and money, we can immediately deliver fertilizer to your field

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The KAZCHEM agroservice provides comprehensive services for conducting agrochemical soil analysis, introducing field experiments, drawing up an effective mineral nutrition plan, and training in agronomic knowledge that help farmers throughout Kazakhstan increase crop yields.

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Subsidy program

KAZCHEM is accredited in the QOLDAU.KZ information system, which allows farmers throughout Kazakhstan to buy fertilizers and recover part of the costs from public funds under the mineral fertilizer subsidy program. The agroservice of the company provides consulting services for processing applications.

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My benefit

All KAZCHEM products are available in warehouses in 8 regions of Kazakhstan. The goods are shipped all year round


For the convenience of customers, the goods are shipped all year round, both to the railway station and to the customer's warehouse.

Quality assurance

All KAZCHEM products are registered, certified, and meet quality standards


Personal agronomist-consultant for quality control of farming systems


Advanced training in agronomic knowledge