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КAZCHEM Agroservice

Provides a range of professional consulting services that help farmers throughout Kazakhstan to improve crop yields.

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Our specialists have a practical knowledge base on growing agricultural products on all types of soil in Kazakhstan and are ready to offer you the development of mineral soil nutrition systems for a wide range of crops on farms of various sizes, from small farms to large agricultural holdings.

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Complex agrochemical soil analysis
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The well-coordinated work of all segments will make it possible to formulate recommendations for agricultural producers to make the right decisions and improve the efficiency of the farming systems used.


KAZCHEM AGROACADEMY is a new educational project of the company, created in partnership with the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Agrochemistry named after D.N. Pryanishnikov, who has great authority in the field of agricultural chemistry and agricultural soil science and has highly qualified scientific personnel.

During the training, participants receive answers to their questions on efficient farming directly from the leading professors and researchers of the Institute, who have extensive practical experience in the field of soil fertility, fertilizer application, chemical ameliorants and plant growth regulators.

Farmers from small farms to large agricultural holdings who have been trained are already happy to apply the knowledge gained in the practice of their farm household. 


After completing the training, you will learn:

  1. to apply mineral fertilizers based on agrochemical soil analysis data
  2. to carry out foliar feeding
  3. to differentiate application of mineral fertilizers
  4. to apply GIS technologies to apply fertilizers
  5. to apply phosphogypsum in combination with mineral fertilizers
  6. to understand the climatic features of the regions

Upon completion of the course and successful passing of the test, the training participants are awarded with the government-issue certificates of the Russian Federation.

If you would like to read the feedback of our students, read the FEEDBACK FROM THE PARTICIPANTS here.

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