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Phosphogypsum P- 1%, Ca-80%

Phosphogypsum is a mineral fertilizer used for desolonetzization, soil leaching and desalination. Phosphogypsum is an excellent chemical meliorant and neutralizes salts in the soil, as it contains 94% calcium sulfate CaSO₄, and it is also used as an affordable sulfur-containing fertilizer. Purification of phosphogypsum is not necessary, phosphorus in its composition is absorbed by crops. The duration of the positive effect of phosphogypsum exceeds 5 years, and the costs of its purchase, transportation and application pay off in the first 1-2 years of growing crops when the norms do not exceed 6 t/ha. The application dose is determined by the amount of sodium in the soil. It is necessary to make an agrochemical analysis of the soil when determining the exact dose of Phosphogypsum application.


Manufacturer: Kazakhstan, Kazphosphate
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Calcium in the composition of phosphogypsum displaces sodium from the soil absorbing complex, which is washed out of the soil in the form of sulfate salts
The plant food compounds in the soil become more accessible by reducing the pH of the soil, and this eliminates their washout into the subsoil horizons.
Reduces soil salinity, improves its structure, bulk density and air and water regime
A source of nutrients for plants such as sulfur, phosphorus, calcium and silicon
Gypsuming is also an additional source of phosphorus, sulfur and calcium, which are necessary for plant nutrition.
Acts as a source of calcium and sulfur, which are scarce in many soils.
As fertilizer meliorants
In dry and windy autumn, when it is possible to blow chemical meliorant, it is embedded in the soil by harrowing diagonally.
In wet autumn, when precipitation falls after the application of chemical meliorant, there is no need to protect it from blowing.
In case of heavy precipitation, after ploughing, chemical meliorant should be applied in winter on frozen soil or snow, since application on moist soil will lead to its compaction
Mass fraction of the basic substance (CaSO4*2H2O) in terms of dry dihydrate, %, not less
Mass fraction of hygroscopic (supercrystallized) moisture, %, no more
The mass fraction of water-soluble fluoride compounds (H2SiF6; Na2SiF6; HF, etc.) in terms of fluorine (F), %, no more
Specific activity of natural radionuclides, kBq/kg, no more

Kazphosphate is the leader in the production of phosphorus-containing mineral fertilizers and feed phosphates in Kazakhstan, owns a complete line from the extraction, processing and enrichment of phosphorus ore to the production of finished products and its subsequent sale. The main products are Ammophos, Tricalcium phosphate, Sulfoammophos and Phosphogypsum.