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Magnesium sulfate MgSO₄·7Н₂О

Magnesium sulfate heptahydrate, Grade B is a complex chlorine-free water-soluble fertilizer, contains the main macronutrients: magnesium and sulfur. It is intended for soil and top dressing of grown crops and for application to the soil to improve soil quality. It can be used both as an independent fertilizer and as part of fertilizer mixtures. Dressing with magnesium sulfate contributes to the full absorption of phosphorus and calcium, provides a rich color of leaves and stems throughout the season. Magnesium affects all processes in plant cells, where chemical energy is transferred and accumulated. With a deficiency of magnesium in plants, growth deteriorates, product quality, the amount of chlorophyll and disease resistance decrease. Without sulfur, metabolic processes are blocked. In particular, nitrogen uptake depends on sulfur, a micronutrient filler.


Manufacturer: Russia, Buysky Chemical Plant
Packaging, weight: 20 kg bags

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Activates photosynthesis
Increases productivity
Improves the taste of vegetable crops by increasing the content of starch and vitamins in fruits
All crops
0.75-4.0 kg/ha (concentration of the spray material 1.5 - 2.0%). The consumption of the spray material is 50-200 l/ha.
All crops
20-50 kg/ha (concentration of spray material 0.1- 0.2%). The consumption of the spray material depends on the irrigation rate
Time, application features
Top dressing of plants 2-4 times during the growing season.
Time, application features
Soil dressing (application with irrigation waters) of plants during the growing season.
Fe not more than 0.001, Mn not more than 0.003
Water insoluble residue (%)
not more than 0.05
White crystalline powder
Additional information
Na₂O not more than 0.05

Buysky Chemical Plant is one of the largest enterprises in Russia for the production of special types of fertilizers for various branches of crop production.