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Tricalciumphosphate feed Сa₃(PO₄)₂

Tricalciumphosphate feed Сa₃(PO₄)₂ is a feed additive that is used as mineral dressing for farm animals, in the production of compound feeds and as a phosphorus-containing fertilizer for all vegetable, fruit and berry or ornamental crops.


The degree of its assimilation is quite high and much less depends on diet, age and other factors. The introduction of feed phosphates into the diet makes it possible to avoid diseases associated with a lack of these macronutrients, to ensure proper metabolism in the body, and consequently, the effective functioning of the immune and reproductive systems.


Tricalciumphosphate in its pure form, as a rule, is not fed, but is given in a mixture with concentrated feed, silage or crushed root and tuber crops.


Before morning feeding, mix tricalcium phosphate with freshly prepared food.

Before evening feeding, add a mineral supplement to the finished food.


Initially, the drug is fed in small doses, and after 4-5 days they switch to using the right doses. 1 teaspoon – 3-4 g, 1 tablespoon – 10-12 g.


ATTENTION: Tricalcium phosphate should be added only to chilled food! Store in a cool, dry place.


Manufacturer: Kazakhstan, Kazphosphate
Packaging, weight: 50 kg bags

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Fortifies the feed with minerals
Increases the nutritional value of the feed
Improves the appetite of animals and their absorption of feed nutrients
Normalizes metabolism
Shortens the fattening period
Improves the nutritional value and taste of meat and milk
Preserves the young
Reduces feed costs and significantly increases the profitability of the farm
Increases immunity and protects against various diseases
Dairy cow
90-175 grams
Young cattle
75-65 grams
40-100 grams
10-20 grams
2,5 grams
Chickens, ducks, geese
1.5-2 grams
Mass fraction of water, no more than 1%
Mass fraction of fluorine, no more than
Gray powder

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