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YaraTera Calcinit

YaraTera Calcinit is a completely water-soluble, physiologically alkaline fertilizer that is effective on acidic and salt soils. It contains water-soluble calcium, which is easily available for plant nutrition. It does not contain chlorine. YaraLiva Calcinit is used at all stages of growth and development of the crop. Dressing creates an optimal nutrient environment for the full growth of agricultural crops and provides protection from various diseases. The use of calcium nitrate promotes the absorption of calcium, magnesium, potassium and other cations due to nitrate nitrogen, which is part of the fertilizer. The peculiarity of calcium nitrate is the stimulation of the development of root hairs, vegetative growth, it improves the formation of membranes and cell walls in the crop; it accelarates the activity of enzymes and metabolism in plants.


Manufacturer: Norway, YARA International

Packaging, weight: 25 kg bags

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Increases resistance to plant diseases (fungal, bacterial and viral) arising from calcium deficiency, for example, plant-top rot of tomatoes, peppers, internal brown spot of potatoes
Stimulates the growth and development of plants
Reduces stress
Strengthens the cell walls of plant tissue
Increases productivity by 10-15%
Improves the marketable state and taste of vegetables and fruits
Sugar beet, winter and spring potatoes, corn, winter and spring wheat, soybeans, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, parsley, apple tree, strawberries.
In summer – on leaves
For all soil types
Cereals – 2 liters per 200 liters of water
From 2-leaf stage to the appearance of a node
Corn – 4 liters per 200 liters of water
At 3/8-leaf stage
Common flax – 2 liters per 200 liters of water
Before budding stage
Rapeseed – 2 liters per 200 liters of water
At 4/9-leaf stage
Sunflower – 4 liters per 200 liters of water
From stage of the 2nd pair of leaves
Soybeans – 2 liters per 200 liters of water
With a clear shortage. With an interval of 10-14 days
Potatoes – 3 liters per 200 liters of water
100% of the seedlings. Repeat with an interval of 10-14 days
Cabbage – 1 liter per 200 liters of water
At 4/9-leaf stage
1,1 %

Yara is the world's leading fertilizer company. The company operates in more than 60 countries and offers a full range of feedingstuff for agricultural crops.