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YaraVita Zintrac

YaraVita Zintrac is a liquid fertilizer with a maximum concentration of zinc, it also contains nitrogen. The fertilizer is intended for top dressing of all crops grown using various technologies in open and protected ground. It contains a stabilizer in its composition to maintain the uniformity of the solution for a long time. YaraVita ZINTRAC contains special formulants and adjuvants for the best distribution over the leaf surface and penetration through the cuticular layer into the the leaf parenchyma. Zinc is necessary in the formation of chlorophyll, affects the processes of assimilation of elements of mineral nutrition, namely, their absorption by the root system and transport to the aboveground organs of plants. With zinc deficiency, flowering is delayed or does not occur at all, for example, deformed grains form on corn cobs. The synthesis of nucleic acids is also disrupted. The lack of zinc leads to a decrease in the absorption of ammonium nitrogen.


Manufacturer: Great Britain, YARA International

Packaging, weight: 5 l canister

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It quickly and effectively relieves zinc deficiency in plants.
It is not washed off by rain due to sticking agents.
Zinc is contained in chelated form
In summer
On leaves
For all soil types
Cereals, corn, rapeseed, sunflower, soybeans, potatoes, cabbage
Cereals – 1-2 l/ha.
From 2-leaf stage to the appearance of a node.
Corn – 1 l/ha.
At 3/8-leaf stage
Rapeseed – 1-2 l/ha.
At 4/9-leaf stage
Sunflower – 1 l/ha.
From stage of the 2nd pair of leaves
Soybeans – 1 l/ha.
At 4/6-leaf stage or earlier with a clear shortage. With an interval of 10-14 days.
Potatoes – 1 l/ha.
Apply after a week when 100% of the seedlings appear. Repeat with an interval of 10-14 days.
Cabbage – 1-2 l/ha.
At 4/9-leaf stage
18 g/l = 1%
700 g/l = 40%

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