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Affordable and democratic agricultural chemistry

Kerimkhan-Mukhiddin Mukhidinov is the head of the farm household. He has everything at hand. Everything is under his direct control for 21 years, and changes in yield capacity are noticeable even before harvesting. The farm’s activities are mainly aimed at growing feed crops for livestock. They plant 20 hectares of corn, 10 hectares of potatoes, 50 hectares of cereals, and the remaining 60 hectares are intended for hay.

So, in 2021, Kerimkhan noted that the yield of potatoes in his fields reached almost 50-60 centners per hectare:

– The secret is simple and lies in fertilizers. Now we mainly use ammophos and saltpeter, and also, we have already tried NPK. So to speak – “three in one”. This year we intend to conduct agrochemical analysis for the first time as life is moving forward! Although we live in the countryside, we are active Internet users. We get a lot of useful information for our business from special web-sites. It became clear to us that the choice of fertilizers depends on crops, composition of the soil, as well as deficiency of the necessary elements.

It was two years ago when we realized that ammophos is indispensable for potatoes, and saltpeter for wheat. Thus, the increase in yield at Mukhidinov’s farm is not accidental, not a game of random natural factors, but a sound policy:

–  We apply fertilizers and they give us increase in yield! However, as I have already noted, we have not used separate specialized methods that would prescribe a certain rate, sowing depth or other details.

Kerimkhan says that he has analyzed his mistakes, which are to be avoided this season. For example, they will have to abandon the potato planter, returning to the manual method of planting this crop:

– This is not a regression, - Kerimkhan is sure, - but a recognition that the existing devices do not have the function of simultaneously applying manure and ammophos when planting. Maybe such devices are available in some farms, but we don't have them. If we return to the topic of fertilizers, I want to assure you that I am quite satisfied with KAZCHEM service. This year I purchased ammophos from the company. This is affordable agricultural chemistry in our region!