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“We look closely, calculate ... and apply!” - V. Antropov

Vladislav Antropov is the head of a self-named farm household in the Shemonaikha district in the north of the East Kazakhstan region. His farm household has stood the test of time since 1996. The lands here are a feast for the eyes, the average quality score is 82, and the yield of winter rye can reach from 38 to 57 centners/ha to the envy of farmers from Kostanay or Karaganda, for whom even 12 centners/ha for spring grain is a great victory.

 “No objective difficulties and organizational transformations have affected our resilience”, Vladislav Borisovich proudly shares.

Antropov farm household sows about 700 hectares of oats, barley, spring and winter wheat, peas, soybeans and sunflowers. Let’s talk about sunflowers in more detail. Last year sunflower being the most profitable crop for the region, showed an increase in yield for an average of 5 c/ha. The head of the farm says that this is due to the use of sulfoammophos produced by KAZCHEM.  Antropov farm has been looking closely and applying fertilizers for five years now:

- Life forces, because both the cost of production and the selling price of the final product are growing. Our agrochemical analysis indicates a lack of nitrogen, sulfur and phosphorus. The understanding that fertilizers are necessary to increase yields came to us through the example of our neighbors, when we also began to carry out experiment and saw that chemical preparations really contribute to increase in crop yields even in a dry year. The last agroseason turned out to be the most yielding for us. Of course, the fact that a good soil moisture storage also played a role (we have been “rolling” snow for five years now), as well as the fact that it rained three times, as ordered, during the tillering, stem elongation and to the filling phases. Also worked with foliar dressings.

According to Vladislav Antropov, the two main factors that prevent higher yields are the lack of land (everything in the region is considered to a hectare) and the lack of qualified personnel. Indeed, when updating equipment, it often turns out that there is no one to manage more advanced, computerized units, and specialized digital services are not available to ordinary machine operators. “It is okay, we will master it in time,” the farmer is sure.

- Vladislav Borisovich started cooperating with KAZCHEM last year. Firstly, I was satisfied with the price, and secondly, the fact that I did not cope with the unloading of the wagons, but took the goods right from the warehouse. Do you know how many challenges you can meet to do this?! You need to go to the head of the station, so that they give you a platform, then negotiate to provide a “pusher” ... It is worth your nerves, time and money. I went through all this and I’ll say it straight: it’s just convenient to buy from KAZCHEM: I arrived, loaded and that’s it! And, of course, the quality. There is not a single complaint.

Vladislav Antropov honestly admitted that the farm has never tried to apply fertilizers during autumn plowing – it seems like it will be expensive, but taking into account the prices that have developed over the past five years: it’s a sin for farmers to complain. Thus, in the current agricultural season, the fields of Antropov farm will become the site of another huge experiment: tests of quality, efficiency and effectiveness of fertilizers from KAZCHEM.